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Executive Team 2022-2023

Who We Are


Julian DiBona

Executive Director

Julian is a senior from Frisco, Texas majoring in Finance and Philosophy. 

“The Big Event was the first organization on campus that showed me passion and appreciation for the DFW metroplex and illustrated a love to serve. I truly think there’s no org like TBE that highlights the importance of giving back to the community that’s provided Mustangs with amazing opportunities!”


Grant Offner

Assistant Executive Director

Grant is a sophomore from Saint Simons Island, Georgia majoring in Finance and Physics.

"After hearing about my stampede guide’s passion for The Big Event, I decided it would be the first organization I joined at SMU. I'm thankful for my decision every day because--from being a part of this organization--I have found a new family on campus, and the opportunity to work with this family to help our community puts a smile on my face every day. Starting as a general member, working my way up to service committee, and now Assistant Executive Director, seeing this organization operate from different levels has given me big dreams for our team, and I can't wait to share them!"

Our Team: Team Members

Megan Riebe

Director of External Affairs

Megan is a junior from San Antonio, TX majoring in Biology and Spanish with a minor in History.

“I vividly remember being a site leader for The Big Event my freshman year, and being surrounded by people from all over campus and working in the community showed me just how special this organization is. I have learned so much from the people I’ve met and communities I’ve served through TBE, and I am forever grateful for this opportunity!”


Savannah Hunsucker

Director of Programming

Savannah is a sophomore from Walton, Kansas, majoring in Business Management and Spanish.
"I joined The Big Event because I am passionate about service and staying connected with the community.  The Big Event has allowed me to grow my leadership and connect with so many amazing people here at SMU. I am looking forward to an exciting second year with this wonderful team!"


Zoey Hess

Director of Marketing and Communications

Zoey is a sophomore from Houston, Texas majoring in Business Management & Psychology.

"Giving back to the community has always been one of my most important priorities. The Big Event allows me to collaborate with hard-working, service-oriented individuals who want to make a positive difference. This organization has given me amazing friends, role models, and leadership opportunities. I am forever grateful for the experiences and relationships TBE has provided me with!"


Avery White

Director of Recruitment

Avery is a sophomore from Dallas, Texas majoring in Biology with minors in Neuroscience and Religious Studies. 

"I joined The Big Event my freshman year with the intention of it being a place where I could continue my love for community service, but what I found was so much more than that. This organization has allowed me to serve my own community alongside other service-minded individuals, and encourage SMU students to do the same! The Big Event is unique in that it brings both SMU students and members of the surrounding community together with one common goal - to help our neighbors.”


Ashley Wolters

Director of Logistics

Ashley is a sophomore majoring in Political Science and Finance.

"I chose to join The Big Event because I wanted to continue serving my community in college, and this organization was the perfect opportunity. I loved being involved because of the people in TBE and the large impact it has on the community. I am so excited to be a part of this organization and I can not wait to see what we accomplish this year."


Holly Xue

Director of Finance

Holly is a sophomore from Allen, Texas majoring in Finance with a minor in Law and Legal Reasoning.

"I'm so grateful to have gotten involved in this amazing organization! It's home to the most warm and compassionate people and some of my closest friends which never fails to create a fun environment for service. Looking forward to seeing the community come together for a great purpose!"


Ashley Isabelle 

Director of Service

Ashley is sophomore from Highland Village, Texas double majoring in Marketing and Advertising.

"What makes The Big Event so special are the people in the organization that I get the honor of serving alongside. They truly make it feel like a big group of friends who come together to share their passion for giving back to others. Being a member of TBE has shown me what the true purpose of service is, which is to spread love throughout the community and to have fun while doing it!"

Our Team: Team Members

The Big Event at SMU

We are so excited to serve as your Big Event Team! Each of us is deeply committed to giving back to the Dallas community. It is truly an honor to organize the country's largest day of collegiate-led community service.

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